16-18 September, 2022

A glimpse of what’s to come

I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Quantum Words Festival of science writing at Writing NSW in 2016. It was an exciting and enriching day, and it was testament to the breadth and appeal of the program that many audience members travelled interstate to participate. Festivals such as this provide an important point of intersection for audiences with writers beyond the usual shelves they might peruse. They also provide an important point of intersection between writers– often from very different working areas and genres. Quantum Words is perhaps one of the most exciting examples of this, embracing writing scientists, science writers, science-fiction writers, writers of literary fiction, science journalists, poets, playwrights, and a host of writers operating in other practices. The opportunities for cross-pollination and inspiration are magnified with each different contribution. A forum such as this can provide a unique entry point for readers and writers to straddle the inter-disciplinary fence, and contribute to one of the most important conversations we – as humans, and as narrative-based animals – need now, more than ever, to ignite.
Ashley Hay, writer

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17 & 18 September

Two festivals, one mind opening weekend

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