16-18 September, 2022

Walkley-Award winner joins QWP line-up

Jo Chandler is an award-winning Australian journalist, author, editor, and educator who has filed news and features from assignments across Africa, Papua New Guinea, rural and remote Australia, Antarctica and Afghanistan. In 2017 she took up a position as a professional expert and lecturer at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Advancing Journalism, and continues as an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University’s Contemporary Histories Research Group. She is also the author of “Feeling The Heat” (Melbourne University Press, 2011)

“Feeling The Heat is part investigative work about the labours of science, part wrestling match with the dark messages about climate change, and part adventure story. Chandler provides an enduring, personal, intelligent and compassionate account of scientific research in Australia’s climate frontiers – the places most vulnerable to warming. And we are left with a gorgeously written, sometimes elegiac book that bears witness to the world that is being transformed and lost. — Review Dr Peter Christoff (lecturer in climate policy, University of Melbourne), The Age (29/07/11).

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