16-18 September, 2022

Two Festivals, One Mind Opening Weekend

At Quantum Words Perth, we’re very happy to be running alongside and collaborating with the XR:WA Festival taking place at WA Museum Boola Bardip and other cultural centre venues.

XR:WA will be a thought-provoking conference and exhibition for AR and VR artists and enthusiasts.

We know if you like what we’re doing, you’ll be more than a little interested in what they’re up to.

Plus our Quantum Words Perth children’s program will be taking place in Studio 2 in Hackett Hall – right in the middle of XR:WA’s exhibition floor.

So put 17 & 18 September aside and join us in the Perth cultural centre for an immersive weekend of science, creativity, technology and arts!

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17 & 18 September

Two festivals, one mind opening weekend

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